Everybody should do a minimum of half an hours exercise three times a week

If you exercise regularly you will live longer.

The best exercise is the one that you do.It doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you do something.

The best time to exercise is when you feel like it

If you do not like to exercise walk.

Walking is a very good, underestimated exercise. (If you get good at it you can go places!)

(Government guidelines recommend 10000 steps a day and half an hours worth of exercise five times a week.)

You should also do simple stretches every day and maintain good strength in your core muscles.

After you exercise when you are warmed up it is a good idea to do more strenuous stretches to improve your spines flexibility.

Do not do the following exercises if you have a pre existing low back condition, without consulting a medical professional

Do not do these exercises if they are painful. Consult with your Chiropractor.